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The fauna in the Nature Reserve is of great importance, as endemic species such as the crustacean known as the gambeta (Paleomonetes zariguey), the fish called the fartet (Aphanius Ibera) or the samaruc (Valencia Hispanica) are to be found here. The birds are the group of fauna best represented in the Prat, with special mention being deserved by the biggest colony in the Valencian Community of a rare and endangered species, the collared pratincole. Also of great interest are the Montagu's Harrier, the moustached warbler, with one of the greatest Iberian populations in the Nature Reserve, the black-winged stilt, the little bittern, little tern, snowy plover, the marbled duck or the coot.
Amongst the wintering birds we could mention the regular presence of the great cormorant, the marsh harrier, common buzzard, common kingfisher or the penduline tit. This list is completed with the birds that visit the Prat during their migratory trips such as the garganey, the osprey, black-bellied plover or the northern wheatear, amongst others.
There are not many species of mammals in the Prat, with populations of water rats, rabbits, and weasels.
Other species represented at the Reserve are, in the reptile family, the European pond turtle and the viperine snake, and such amphibians as the common frog.